Whipping cream chargers | Cream  holder | Catering cream
Whipping cream chargers | Cream  holder | Catering cream

Baker's Special 48 Cream Chargers & 1/2 Litre Premium Liss Whipped Cream Dispenser

Quantity: 2 Boxes. 48 nitrous oxide bulbs & one 1/2 litre Premium Liss cream dispenser.

This is our best quality whipper, with more metal components in the head for less freeze ups. Great for the baker who uses their whipper frequently, and does not have time to wait between changing chargers. 

Size: 8g chargers, 1/2 litre dispenser

Featuring high quality European Liss cream chargers, containing 100% pure nitrous oxide. These bulbs are made in Europe, not Taiwan, and have european certification. Liss cream chargers can be used in virtually all cream whippers on the market. Including Liss, Mosa, Isi, & Best Whip. Always follow cream whipper's instructions when using your cream chargers

The Premium Liss Cream Whipper:  In the popular 1/2 Litre (1 pint) size is perfect for use in the home, restaurant or coffe shop. Stainless steel body and white plastic head with metal components.

Makes delicious whipped cream, mousses, flavoured toppings, garnishes or foams in seconds, and is perfect for mochas, cappuccino, ice cream and coffee shakes.

Convenient and easy dispensing at the push of a lever.

Removable dispensing piston for easy cleaning.

Refridgerated contents stay fresh up to 14 days in the whipper.

Solid plastic head with 2 different decorators.

Use 8 gram cream chargers.


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