Cocktail infusion is a great way to personalize your mixed drink. Using nitrous oxide chargers to speed up the process from weeks, to minutes. 

Best results with Vodka and light coloured spirits such as gin, light rum and tequila. 

How to Rapidly Infuse spirits:

1. Pour your booze into the reservoir.
2. Add in your flavoring agents. Then screw the top down to seal it.
3. Screw in the N2O charger until the gas releases into the bottle. Let it stand for one minute.
4. Replace the N2O charger with another one, pressurize, and then shake it for one minute.
5. Using two glasses to catch the spray, slowly release the pressure using the whipper's trigger Reserve the liquid.
6. Unscrew the whipper head, and pour the liquid through a strainer into an awaiting vessel.  

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