i2500g Bowl Scale

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i2500g Bowl Scale

The i2500 Bowlscales are great for shipping, the lab, the kitchen, small animals, fish, birds and more! Their Add-N-Weigh and Full Memory features allow the cumulative weighing of up to 50 items. The Bowlscale also offers an Advanced Counting Feature with multiple sample sizes. Capacity: 2500 grams which reads in 0.5 gram increments.

These amazing scales feature the Add-N-Weigh technology; Add-N-Weigh allows for the cumulative weighing of items. This means you can place an item on the scale, see its weight, press the TARE key, then place another item, see that items' weight, then press the NW/GW key to see the combined weight of the items. You can also press the NW/GW key again to go back to the Add-N-Weigh process. This process allows for the cumulative weighing of up to 20 items!

Now includes a FREE adapter. RRP £9.99.


2500g x 0.5g
Reads in g, oz, and lb 
Separate Zero and TARE Functions 
Add-N-Weigh Allows Cumulative Weighing of Ingredients 
Full Memory (cumulative up to 50 items) 
Advanced Counting Feature with Multiple Sample Sizes -counting items ingredients, etc. 
Huge Easy to Read Backlight Display 
Professional Grade 5000 Division Load Cell with 4 Strain Gauge Sensors
Includes bowl attachment, can be used with or without bowl, and any household bowl can be substituted.
Option with or without bird stand
Power: 4 x AAA batteries included or optional AC adapter (included)
30 Year International Warranty.

2500g / 5.5lbs / 5lbs 8 oz


0.5g / .001lb /0.02oz
Scale Dimensions
8" x 5 1/2" x 1.8" (20cm x 14cm) 

Platform Dimensions

Bowl Dimensions

5.2" diameter 
4.3" high x 9.3" diameter
30 Year International Warranty
4 x AAA batteries (included) or AC Adapter (included)


High Performance Scale for Low Price

Technical functions:

Postal Scale: Weigh any post from .5g to 2500g.

Food weighing scale: Perfect for weighing portion sizes or use the "tare" function and Add-N-Weigh feature to add ingredients for a receipe.

Add-N-Weigh Defined: Allows for the cumulative weighing of items. Place one item on the scale and see its weight, press "tare", place a second item on the scale and see its weight. Then press the NW/GW key to see the combined weight. Press NW/GW again to go back to Add-N-Weigh function. You can add up to 20 cumulative items.

NW/GW: Special feature that allows item or ingredient to be weighed individually (net weight), and then combined (gross weight).

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