Whipper Safety

Aluminium whippers with plastic heads which are designed for use at home. If you are a commercial customer you must use a professional stainless steel whippers. The aluminium whippers are not suitable for heavy commercial use and must not be put into dishwashers.

You can buy Chinese-made whippers that look similar to ours until you first use it - you'll see the valve mechanism is clumsy and the silicone seal quickly deteriorates.

Tragically a lady has died after one of these cheap Chinese whippers exploded:
http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/rebecca-burger-dead-fitness-blogger-dies-33-exploding-whipped-cream-dispenser-heart-attack-france-a7802186.html .

How to spot a dangerous cream whipper
  • The examples we have seen are all aluminium whippers with squarish plastic heads - our plastic heads are round.
  • The silicone seal inside the head is usually poor quality - discoloured and weak.
  • The cream release trigger uses a cross head screw that can unscrew. Ours cannot be unscrewed.

  • This is a list of all the incidents that have happened with these dangerous Chinese whippers.
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